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A Sublime Tribute To Womanhood

Theertha is an online store which specialises in handcrafted polymer clay jewellery and an array of customized sarees salwarz and lehengas. Be it is a wedding, baptism or any function; Theertha is the online destination for you. Pick your colour; we will make you look perfect with ‘Theme based Customization’. People are always in hunt of unique outfits and we are ready to offer it in the most stylish way. Speciality of Theertha sarees are obviously its contemporary style, where ethnic meets modern. Theertha is known for its unique designs and perfection. Materials used for designing are picked assuring its quality from various places and worked with the help of extremely talented people.

As we all know no outfit is perfect without the right pair of earrings and neckpiece which compliments it, this is the point where Sapna's polymer clay jewellery theme becomes relevant. When she tells people that she makes clay jewellery, the first image they get in their head is terracotta jewellery. When she tells them that she use polymer clay their reaction is like, “What is polymer clay?” Polymer clay is a sculptable material based on a special polymer PVC, ingredients being more relational to plastic rather than clay. Polymer Clay made its first major appearance in the United States in the 1970’s. Despite it's name, polymer clay is not actually a type of natural clay. The only reason it has been named so is because, it’s texture and workability is similar to that of clays which are already available. Unlike terracotta jewellery, polymer clay jewellery does not diminish as the colours do not fade and it is not very fragile or easily breakable. "I find it to be the most satisfying medium that I’ve been ever used, the vibrant colours are so inspiring", says she. Each of her creations is purely hand crafted with shades that obviously complements any wardrobe be it ethnic or modern.

About Me

I am Sapna Sampath, graduated few years back with a bachelor’s degree in computer science and engineering. However, programming was never my cup of tea. My passion was always in doing something creative. Over these years I’ve ventured into several forms of art and was blessed enough to have received a lot of applause from people around me. I had a great affinity for designing clothes right from my childhood. I still remember 6 year old me designing sarees and blouses for my Barbie doll which I used to carry along wherever I go! While doing my engineering, I always loved designing dresses for our dance performances and fashion shows. As I grew up, I started designing dresses for myself, my mom and sister.

My friends and relatives always admired my creations and sense of color that t hey started asking me to design few for them. I was fortune enough to have re ceived a lot of appreciation from them. Soon my loved ones urged me to take this up se riously. It was around that time I happened to own a polymer clay jhumka. I was so much impressed by the creation and it aroused a lot of c uriosity in me. It motivated me to craft it of my own. Having done a wide hunt over the topic, I could find some information about it. However, the greatest ch allenge I faced was in moulding them into our traditional kind of jewellery. After a lot of trial and error methods, I could succeed in doing it myself. That was the point I started thinking why not make this passion of mine a profession as both of these creations of mine compliments each other. The suppor t I got from my family was immense.

By this time my son started doing his preschool and my husband being an engineer w as always busy with his schedules. So following what my heart had desired for, my mom and sis (Theertha's own model) being the backbone, I found THEERTHA. As a firs t step, I thought of launching an Fb page just to see the response of people around. THEERTHA’s official page was launched on 2nd August , 2013. It’s been a year and the response was beyond my expectations. Within this short period, THEERTHA has hit surplus likes without any kind of promotional techniques, with a very good customer base, majority being NRI’s. I had conducted an exhibition on November 2013 and that too turned out pretty good. Now I have reached a point where I find it’s high time I c reate my own space over the web and that’s how this very web page of THEERTHA has taken birth. Let me wind up this section by saying that THEERTHA is more of a p assion for me than a business!